From Artist to Graphic Designer – Understanding the Evolution

From Artist to Graphic Designer – Understanding the Evolution

The commercial artist of yesteryears has now evolved into graphic designer. Remember those childhood days when you were hooked to Tintin, Superman, Batman, Robin Hood and the likes as they demonstrated their charismatic bravado and witty intelligence on the pages of comic books. The world of make believe was brought alive by commercial artists who worked relentlessly to reproduce  splendid pictures that helped to tell the story in a more realistic way that left a long lasting impact on the minds of readers. The world of advertising and publishing were favourite stages for commercial artists to display their skills and creativity and  same trend still continues with a remarkable change that the artists have now evolved into graphic designers. It is interesting to note the development and understand how it has happened.

The change that has happened

The advancement of technology has resulted in enormous progress in the field of communication. Proliferation of computers in our daily lives have changed the ways of advertising and publishing that have taken off from the print media and entered into the audio visual and virtual world of computers and the internet. To keep pace with this change, it became necessary for artists to use technology to create visuals that suited these media. Paint, ink, paper, pen and pencil that used to be the main tools of an artist have now been replaced by computer software that aids graphic designers to create images and other visuals to be used in any form of print media or audio visual media with the sole purpose of communicating with the target audience.

The new role

Graphic designers can be compared to interpreters or translators who speak on behalf of others to represent the viewpoint of the speakers.  Similarly, graphic designers take up the task of using their skills and expertise in graphic design to represent the viewpoint of their clients through graphic designs that can be used in the print media as well as the web. With the widespread and rising popularity of the web, graphic designers are more closely associated with web design but their services are also indispensible for other media of communication like the print and audio visual media.

Important qualities

Unlike the artists who were solely responsible for creating excellent artwork, graphic designers are trained to play a bigger role in communication by using their creative and artistic abilities.

  • They have to evaluate the best means of representing the clients’ viewpoint through visuals that would appeal to the target audience that can get closely connected with it.
  • Graphic designers should know what is likeable by both for clients and consumers and be highly creative in developing communication lines.
  • They have to possess excellent computer skills to develop the graphic designs that are based on the use of computer software.
  • Multi tasking abilities count high as graphic designers have to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Understanding the clients’ needs from the business perspective is very important for graphic designers whose analytical skills are equally important to evaluate how a visual concept would actually be received by consumers.