Staying Tuned with the Current Trends in Logo Design

With new opportunities of engaging customers emerging at a rapid pace, the way logos are designed is also changing rapidly. It is a cat and mouse game – the creation of new opportunities is challenging technology. As new technologies throw up even more opportunities the need is felt to upgrade technology further and the cycle continues. It will be a big mistake to set your ideas of logo design on some fixed rules because it can be quite outdated.  What you had learnt a few years ago might not be relevant in logo design today. Therefore, the need is to understand ongoing trends to have a feel about how logo design is likely to manifest itself in the coming days. This will help to connect with your target audience in a much better way and design logos that are relevant and heart warming.

Being informal

The logo is supposed to be used as a tool that helps business entities to get up, close and personal with its customers or clients. The brand that is propagated through the logo should be close to the viewers heart and establish an instant connect that turns into a long term relationship. The power of logos is such that often it surpasses the brand name.  Trying to spread the message of being personal and intimate with viewers can be easily achieved by shedding the formal outlook and taking recourse to logos that are handmade. Moving away from standard digital fonts and using indigenous fonts that seem to be written by hand can break the barrier between the brand and the viewer who is attracted by the simplicity. Adding small sketches to balance the design brings variety and an earthy appeal.

Use negative space to your advantage

Providing relief or space in logo design is an age old technique to break away from the monotony of design. Apart from it, using minimum space and leaving a sizeable portion unused gives rise to negative space that actually makes the logo speak to viewers. This is a technique that is based on telling much more to viewers by being thrifty in using space in logo design. Staying minimal and avoiding addition of extra elements in design helps to gain more focus on the logo.

Keeping it fresh

Preventing logos from getting stale is a challenge in logo design. To maintain the freshness of logos, the trend of dynamic designs that keep changing without actually meaning to change has caught the imagination of designers. This adds the much needed freshness to logo design and is more appealing to viewers who get taste of the freshness that brings them closer to it.

Designs that show well

How good the design responds to browsing requirements is a factor that has to be considered in logo design today.  Faster loading in any browsing device holds the key to viewers’ satisfaction and flat designs perfectly fit the bill. Choice of colours that reproduce well on all kinds of browsing device and the use of lines that are simple and forthright is a sure way of effective logo design.