An Overview of Graphic Design

An Overview of Graphic Design

The form of communication that used to depend on words and language has undergone a complete overhaul and is now more effectively done by creating visuals comprising of texts and images.  Experiences and ideas are translated into meaningful content using a mixture of images, texts and graphics that is termed as graphic designing. Graphic design service is used to create company logos, postage stamps, brochures and even visiting cards but its application spreads far beyond the commercial world. Publishers of books, magazines and newspapers also make extensive use of graphic design to make their offerings more attractive and tuned with times.

Graphic Design

The world of the internet, from websites to computer games, is completely dependent of graphic designing. Political parties use this versatile communication tool to uphold its image and stay in touch with people, the field of education uses it for making learning sessions more interactive and interesting and the cultural world expresses itself through graphic design. With the purpose of communication at its heart, graphic design is also sometimes called communication design.

Connecting closely

Conveying information through a combination of images and texts has been in use for long time and has been the only means of connecting instantly with people. As pictures and designs can speak more than thousand words, it has been used to highlight the ideas that one wants to share with others with the purpose of telling something. It is different from storytelling in that it wants to create an instant impact to convey a message. This has been the basics of advertising which is the primary area of application of graphic design. Posters and packages are products of graphic advertising. The print media, especially newspapers have used it for making information more lively and attractive.

Dynamic design

Not restricting itself within the boundaries of stationery graphic designing as shown in the above cited examples, this advanced mode of communication has entered into the sphere of motion graphics that is witnessed in online videos accompanying any textual content, the opening credits of a feature film or movie and numerous computer games that flood the internet. Graphic design is now a part of the both physical and digital world.

A specialised job

The subject of graphic design is based on artistic skills, imagination, communication skills and needs a good understanding about the needs of clients and what kind of representation will attract the people for whom it is meant. With so many deliverables, it is a specialised job that only graphic designers are trained and qualified to undertake. Technology plays a big role in implementing graphic designs. It is not enough to develop designs that are attractive and excellent but it has to be compatible with the platform and media that is used as a vehicle for projecting it. Graphic designers also need to know about computer software and allied technology that is used for creating designs.

Fluidity in design makes it more interactive and exposes viewers to complex experiences that only the digital world can present. The instant impact of graphic design is its greatest strength that can have a long lasting effect.